Warp6 Changelog

    # Fixed bootstrap.less (J3)

    # Fixed theme icons (J3)

    # Fixed comments (WP)
    # Fixed two factor authentication (J3)
    + Added composer
    $ Updated languages

    # Fixed multiple images as data uri
    # Fixed Post Page-Links (WP)
    ^ Added two factor authentication (J3)

    # Fixed calling get_header + get_footer actions (WP)
    # Fixed template settings (J32)

    ^ Updated jQuery to 1.10.2 (J)
    # Fixed Chosen selects in theme settings (J3.1.4)

    ^ Updated jQuery to 1.10.0 (J)
    + Added body_class() filter call (WP)

    + Added debounced resize listener
    + Added tag overrides (J31)
    ^ Updated overrides according to Joomla 3.1.0 (J31)
    ^ Updated overrides according to Joomla 2.5.10 (J25

    + Added better widget support for WPML (WP)
    + Added native bootstrap support for Joomla 3.0 (J3)

    ^ Updated jQuery to 1.9.1 (J)
    ^ Updated overrides according to Joomla 2.5.9 (J25)
    ^ Updated overrides according to Joomla 3.0.3 (J3)
    # Fixed default newsfeed layout (J3)
    # Fixed error page (J3)
    # Fixed default article override to be PHP strict

    # Fixed default widget classes (WP)

    ^ Updated jQuery to 1.9.0 (J)
    ^ Updated HTML5 Shiv to 3.6.2

    # Fixed floatmetrics check for chrome >= version 24
    # Fixed has_cap deprecated message in debug mode (WP)
    # Fixed style settings in widget options (WP)

    ^ Updated jQuery to 1.8.3 (J)
    ^ Updated overrides according to Joomla 2.5.8 (J25)
    ^ Updated overrides according to Joomla 3.0.2 (J3)
    ^ Changed responsive behavior of CSS class `width33`
    # Fixed search results layout (WP)

    + Added Joomla 3.0 support
    ^ Updated jQuery to 1.8.2 (J)
    ^ Updated JSmin asset filter

    # Removed double CSS class attribute in com_contact (J25)
    ^ Updated overrides according to Joomla 2.5.7 (J25)

    ^ Updated jQuery to 1.8.1 (J)
    # Removed IE10 input clear icon in searchbox (::-ms-clear)

    # Fixed $.matchWidth function for browsers with element float metrics
    ^ Updated jQuery to 1.8.0 (J)
    ^ Featured image is shown above title

    # Fixed $.matchWidth function for Chrome 20+
    # Fixed logo position for RTL in deprecated mobile theme
    ^ Removed hardcoded uploadpath for menu icons (WP)

    + Added responsiveness for dropdown menu columns
    + Added page navigation (J25)
    + Added margin between buttons
    + Added more language files
    + Added better word wrap for small screens (Webkit)
    ^ Set width layout classes box-sizing to border-box
    ^ Optimized responsiveness for 3 and 5 modules in a row
    ^ Optimized responsiveness for grid-gutter
    ^ Support for official CSS gradient syntax 

    # Fixed dropdown menu js bug

    + Added iOS orientation change zoom bugfix
    # Fixed strange space character in layout.css
    # Fixed responsive search for older Webkit on Android
    ^ Improved responsive menu with hierarchy indentation

    + Added responsive CSS
    + Added responsive menu, search, logo
    + Added responsive helper function $.onMediaQuery 
    + Added new $.matchHeight() for responsive module layouts
    + Added new $.matchWidth() for responsive module layouts
    + Flips Drop-Down menu if out of window
    + Added CSS helper classes to hide content
    + Assign profiles to custom post types (WP) 
    ^ Improved base style sheet
    ^ Renamed and added buttons CSS
    ^ Updated CSS grid gutter
    ^ Changed default menu height
    ^ Set wrapper box-sizing to border-box
    ^ Updated overrides according to Joomla 2.5.5 (J25)
    # Fixed miscalculated dropdown menu width on load with custom fonts (Opera)
    ! Deprecated: Mobile theme and switcher
    ! Deprecated: CSS3Pie
    ! Deprecated: ie.css and ie7.css
    ! Deprecated: .button-more and .mobile-switcher CSS classes
    ! Deprecated: $.fn.matchHeight() and $.fn.matchWidth() use newly added $.matchHeight() and $.matchWidth() instead

    # Fixed theme options layout in Wordpress 3.4 (WP)

    # Fixed wrong closing tag in com_contact override
    + Added system helper isBlog method now recognizes the ZOO blog application (J)
    ^ Changed search to use a CSS class instead of a id

    ^ Updated jQuery to 1.7.2 (J)
    ^ Updated overrides according to Joomla 2.5.4 (J25)
    # Fixed theme settings and multisite mode (WP)

    # Fixed wrong closing tag in com_contact override

    # Fixed version
    + added 'method=upgrade'

    ^ Updated jQuery to 1.7.2 (J)
    ^ Updated overrides according to Joomla 2.5.4 (J25)
    # Fixed Themesettings & multisite mode (WP)

    ^ Updated jQuery to 1.7.2 (J)
    + Added mod_finder override (J25)
    + Added com_finder override (J25)
    + Always force latest IE rendering engine (even in intranet) & Chrome Frame
    # Fixed apply theme settings jumping (J25)
    # Fixed system output on search results (J25)
    # Fixed force SSL (WP)

    # Fixed com_contact, com_weblinks, com_newsfeed, com_content overrides (J25)
    # Fixed "dot" issue in meta text in com_content overrides (J)
    # Fixed tracking code saving (WP)

    # Fixed mbstring extension check
    ^ Updated HTML5 Shiv to 3.4
    ^ Update HTML5 display defaults in base.css

    + Added CSS for pagebreak navigation (J)
    # Added old Webkit gradients to mobile theme for Android support
    # Fixed facebook social button conflict with facebook connect
    ^ Updated overrides according to Joomla 2.5.1 (J25)

    + Added Joomla 2.5 support
    ^ Changed tag cloud CSS

    # Fixed com_contact overrides (J17)
    # Fixed com_weblinks overrides (J17)
    # Fixed com_newsfeed overrides (J17)
    # Fixed Facebook social button popup
    # Fixed invalid markup on config site
    # Fixed ajax search, showing articles marked as draft (WP)

    + Added facebook to the social buttons
    # Fixed article ordering (J)
    # Fixed absolute position CSS
    # Fixed bug in com_contact override (J17)

    # Fixed form background colors in menus administration (WP)
    ^ Changed system directory names from joomla.1.7 > joomla and wordpress.3.0 > wordpress

    # Fixed bug in contact form (J17)

    + Added system check
    + Added social buttons support in articles
    + Added auto detecting of styles and module layouts
    + Show Warp version number in theme administration
    + Output of custom module class suffixes (J)
    + Added overrides for com_newsfeed, com_weblinks and com_contact (J17) 
    + Added support for post-thumbnails (WP) 
    ^ Updated Apple touch icon
    ^ Updated jQuery to 1.7.1 (J)

    ^ Updated overrides according to Joomla 1.7.3 (J17)

    ^ Updated jQuery to 1.7 (J)
    # Fixed Min-Height in Drop Down Menu
    + Added header.php and footer.php for plugin compatiblity (WP)

    # Fixed aligncenter CSS (WP)

    # Fixed return url in 404 error page (J)
    # Fixed set item id param in search module override (J)
    ^ Updated PIE to 1.0 BETA5
    ^ Changed button + input base CSS
    ^ Updated overrides according to Joomla 1.7.1 (J17)

    ^ Updated jQuery to 1.6.4 (J)
    ^ Changed CSS/JS inclusion for Joomla cache compatiblity (J)
    ^ Changed menu item class to use it's unique id instead of position number

    # Fixed widget footer id issue (WP)
    ^ Updated jQuery to 1.6.3 (J)
    ^ Updated clearfix to use micro clearfix
    ^ Updated print style sheet to prevent images from getting cut off

    # Fixed empty ajax search (WP)
    # Fixed mobile login (J17)
    # Fixed RTL on iPad
    ^ Added clearing to deepest module element
    ^ Comments, tag cloud and author box styles are now available in Joomla
    ^ Renamed author box CSS class
    ^ Renamed comments list CSS class

    + Added Joomla 1.7 support
    ^ Updated overrides according to Joomla 1.7.0 (J17)
    # Fixed mobile theme switcher (WP)
    # Fixed no scrips/stylesheets assets error

    ^ Changed module title CSS class to .module-title

    ^ Updated html5 shiv to IEPP 2.1
    ^ Changed readmore button CSS class (J)
    ^ Added line-icon CSS class to specific lists
    ^ Changed list line style
    ^ Updated jQuery to 1.6.2 (J)
    + Added detection of android tablet devices in the useragent helper
    + Added auto matchHeight on level2 uls in dropdownmenu
    - Removed "Comments off" message (WP)
    # Fixed generated meta data to be html5 compatible
    # Fixed mobile menu position alias
    # Fixed margin of system messages (J)
    # Fixed images-off menu parameter (J)
    # Fixed icons/subtitle issue in sidebar menu
    # Fixed flicker/z-index issue on mobile devices when using CSS animations
    # Fixed post date formatting (WP)
    # Fixed IE7 Clearfix CSS
    # Fixed RTL drop caps CSS for IE
    ^ Updated overrides according to Joomla 1.6.4 (J16)

    ^ Moved module badge in default module templates
    ^ Updated jQuery to 1.6.1 (J)
    # Fixed error on loading a unknown menu renderer
    + Added site_url config option 

    ^ Added CSS class namespace for fluid images
    ^ Changed attribute selectors to remove margin in system items
    # Fixed apply shortcodes in ajax search (WP)
    # Fixed home menu selection with index.php (WP)
    # Fixed ajax search with sef turned on (J)

    ^ Added login to offline page (J)
    ^ Updated module layouts
    # Fixed DOM helper prev/next issue
    # Fixed system specific RTL CSS
    # Fixed IE asset caching
    ^ Changed date in com_content override (J16)
    # Fixed login description in com_users override (J16)
    # Fixed even/odd style in com_content override (J16)
    # Fixed login style in mod_login override (J16)
    # Fixed login module (J16)
    # Fixed translation of TPL_WARP_POSTED_IN (J16)
    + Added override for mod_custom (J16)

    + Initial Release

    * -> Security Fix
    # -> Bug Fix
    $ -> Language fix or change
    + -> Addition
    ^ -> Change
    - -> Removed
    ! -> Note

Использование Widgetkit 2

Выберите Widget

Выберите Widget

Widgetkit позволяет создавать пользовательский контент или выбрать типы содержимого для WordPress постов и статей в Joomla. Вы можете выбирать из целого ряда различных виджетов методы для отображения контента
Создание контента

Создание контента

Добавить один элемент или выбрать несколько элементов одновременно с помощью медиа-библиотеки вашей CMS. В настройках виджета есть только одна вкладка, так что вы можете настроить свой виджет на лету.
Управление виджетами

Управление виджетами

Диспетчер виджетов отображает все виджеты в списке. Здесь вы можете создавать новые виджеты или редактировать, дублировать и удалять существующие. Чтобы вставить виджет в статью, нажмите на его название и шорткод будет создан